34: Mariners' Home, Egremont Promenade (1910)

Mariners' Home, Egremont PromenadeMariners' Home, Egremont Promenade

The Mariners' Home is situated between Manor Lane and Maddock Road overlooking Egremont Promenade. The only entrance to the grounds is now in Seabank Road. A pedestrian entrance once existed from the corner of Maddock Road.


104 Deveraux Dr

Dear Sadie
Earnest & May gave up the idea of going to Scotland because they were told the Glasgow fair lasted a fortnight, so they are in Bangor in Ireland. They had several addresses for Dunoon before they went, so will try to get them for you when they return.
With love Alice.

Sent on 21 Jul 1910 to

Miss Roberts
Woodland House
Walton Vale