18: Egremont Promenade (1906)

Egremont PromenadeEgremont Promenade

An artist's impression of Egremont Promenade. Note the street lighting and trees planted within the promenade itself.


Isn't this a pretty walk by the side of the river from the Mariners Home to the tower and New Brighton Pier?
I dont know wether you have ever been there.

Grandpa is wondering how you are all getting on. Was this the day for the dancing lessons & did you take little Myrtle & auntie to look on. Such fun that would be. The "old gentleman" was down town today and actually went over to Liverpool - He took the tunnel going and coming, for it was rather a nasty day & raining there [?] the way back.
Jack Frost has disappeared, but the rawness makes the cold searching still. All of you take against catching cold.
with best love to all
1 [Peasur] Rd
6th February 1906

[Note: I have not attempted to included the "kisses" from the bottom left hand corner of the card. They are sent "to dear Marjorie" and "to dear ??? Myrtle"]

Sent on 06 Feb 1906 to

Miss Marjorie Bellamy
Northgate Street